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The Datura plant , also referred to as Jimson Weed or Moon Flower was one of the favorite subjects of the painter Georgia O’Keeffe. It is also the revered sacred visionary plant of shamanic cultures throughout the world especially the world. It’s legend and use dates back 3,0000 year; and it’s delicate night fragrance masks the fact that it is highly poisonous. However, it is it’s inner beauty that draws one to contemplate its sacred paradox. I have chosen to show the pure essence of this passionate flower in my photography.
Datura 5Datura 3Datura 7 Flower photographDatura 4  Flower photographDatura 11, Flower, "Georgia O'Keeffe Flower"Datura 6 Fine Art PhotographDatura Pod, Flower, "Georgia O'Keeffe Flower"Datura Center, Flower, "Georgia O'Keeffe Flower"Datura 2 Flower photograph