Janet O'Neal selected as featured artist on SEE.ME <http://SEE.ME>   Photography website            2016
 Website     http://www.see.me/creators/janet-oneal
                    The directors at SEE.ME stated  
Those of us who believe in science or magic or religion might view the body as a solid structure made entirely of cells and measurable truths.   But what if there is something more?  Less than a statement of truth and more an exploration of "what if", the work of Janet O'Neal touches the fantastic.  What if we were made of fantasy, of dreams of the impossible?  Take a deep gaze at her images, touch the center of yourself and ask what might be possible.    SEE.ME
           Exposure Award Book by SEE.ME     Publication  and Award                     2015



                      Merit Award Black and White Magazine 2014 Portfolio Contest Winners Special Issue